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Asia accounts for 90% of the world’s production and consumption of rice and simultaneously has one of the most significant trading contributions to the National and International economy at large. We take the onus of the swiftest trading of rice in the domestic and overseas markets through our strong network of rice producers and brands. Starting from sourcing, shipping and logistics management to marketing and distribution, we are significantly present in all the phases of the trading of rice globally, maintaining our stringent control over the quality of rice. At GNR, we ensure each package is quality tested by our trained experts before shipment leaves the shore. We have our extensive warehousing and distribution networks that facilitates marketing of rice through our own distribution channels.  Our incredible, smooth and easy trading procedures along with storage and distribution facilities has made us the most favoured  name in many global markets.

Castor Oil

Castor seed and oil production dominates the international castor oil trade with a 70% share. We are a major contributor in facilitating all kinds of domestic and international trading of castor oil. In collaboration with reputed castor oil brands, we make all trade dealings fair and profitable for all markets. GNR deals in trading a wide range of castor oil derivatives, viz., Bleached Castor Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid, Ricinoleic Acid, Methyl Easter of Vegetable Oil, Sulfurised Vegetable Oil, Monoglycerides of Castor Oil, Sulfated Castor Oil (T.R.O.), etc. GNR has its own widespread distributing channels that ensures the quality of castor oil is maintained in its required temperature while storage. We have a team of dedicated researchers and chemists to undertake strict quality checks before and after the shipment; and thus the quality is maintained throughout till it reaches the customer.

Organic Products

International market for organic products are  growing at rapid pace, making the exporters, importers and traders having a profitable share and also  along with making the earth a better place to live in at the same time. We are one of the most reliable promoters and traders of organic and sustainable products, both on domestic front and overseas. We work in sync with customers by studying their kind of requirement and then collaborate with over hundred of organic product manufacturers, who bring out new and more improved products as per the norms of the International Organic Standards. We believe in reaping benefits through people’s complete product satisfaction and that makes us one of the leading traders of organic products globally.