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The arena of Renewable Energy is growing rapidly and is almost directly proportional to economic growth, rise in population, growth and rampant urbanization. Energy security has become a key driving force of its economic policy. With substantial expansion  and  infrastructure their is an immense opportunity to give its people a clean energy minus the climatic and environmental affects. GNR has the expertise to extend consultation on generation of safe, clean and surplus renewable energy through Solar, Wind and Biogas.

Solar Energy

High solar insulation and the dense population makes it an excellent combination to tap the solar energy into use, not only in the rural parts of the country, but in the urban parts too.

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Wind Energy

In 1990s major countries depicted the golden beginning of churning out wing energy. Not only domestically, major countries…

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Bio Gas Energy

Biogas is an incredible renewable energy that can be used for heating, electricity, and many other operations and that too in minimum cost.

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